Lift - The only helicopter with the power to lift a 30-ton, frozen woolly mammoth is the Russian V-12, but they only made one and it hasn't been seen since 1972. As the 11,000 year old mammoth holds the key to stopping a deadly virus spreading through the Caribbean, biology professor Patricia Dean must find the V-12, find someone who can fly it, and come up with a hell of a plan before it's too late. Based on actual events.

Going Places - a comedy that asks, ‘what if your GPS didn’t take you where you want to go but where you need to be?’

Getting Old is Murder - a group of elderly friends at a trailer park think they have it made when one of them dies and leaves his secret fortune behind. When they learn the money isn’t to be split but rather to go to the last man standing, things turn deadly.

Two in the Bush - a law student, trying to impress his potential in-laws, agrees to watch their extremely rare cockatoo when they leave town. When his stoner friend trades the bird for a pizza he’s got less than 48 hours to find and return the valuable, foul-mouthed pet.

POTUS INTERRUPTUS - when the President of the United States is impeached for ordering pay-per-view porn, a reluctant secret service agent is assigned to help him transition into the regular world.

The Human Trade - in this drama based on actual events, an American newlywed couple’s dream vacation turns into a nightmare at the hands of a European sex trafficking ring.

Truck Stop Aliens - a family of interstellar aliens crash lands in the Arizona desert and finds shelter in an old, seldom-visited truck stop. When a down-on-his-luck TV producer sees them, he sees his chance at industry redemption, in the form of a hit new reality show.

In Progress:

The Winkerbeans - what does an 80’s heavy metal band do when the world has moved past them but they still want the fame and fortune? Start a children’s band, of course. (TV)

Heart of a Champion - a baseball player stuck in the minors receives a heart transplant from a former all-star. To everyone’s surprise, he starts playing better, but unfortunately that’s not the only way he changes.