Starring Chad Brummett, Lauren Myers, William R. Stafford, Jeffrey Jacquin, Jean Effron
Halen Harding lands an interview for his dream job, but a seemingly-random encounter in an elevator changes everything.

The Dysfunctional Dynamics
Starring Sydney Ackman, Joe Bocian, Nick Ian Holmes, Catherine McGuire, Scott Takeda, Audrey Walters
When the Violet Avenger loses another battle, he looks for advice at his superhero support group.

Last Call
Starring Audrey Walters, Drew Walters, Tedd TaskeyScott Takeda, Laura Mayo
A single mom down to her last dollar takes matters into her own hands, with otherworldly results.

Game Over
Starring Courtney Bell, Morse Bicknell, LeighAnn Gould, Rachel Hroncich, Brent Lambert
Geocaching seems like a great way for a group of friends to spend a day, but there’s more to this game than meets the eye.

The Rapture
Starring Mike Ostroski, Amy Baldwin, Courtney Bell, Joe Bocian, Rachel Hroncich, Susan Conklin, Summer Olsson
A minister predicting the end of the world struggles for answers when what he’s been saying will happen actually does.

Is there anything duct tape can't fix?