FestQuest combines the popularity of travel shows with the passion of music to give viewers an exclusive, back-stage pass to a different music festival each episode. Our team covers everything the festival fan needs to know before they go, including type of music, how to get there, lodging options, food & drink, family/adult only theme, ticket prices and more.


Sizzle Reel

A brief snapshot of FestQuest's mission - the opening act, so to speak.


Mini Episode

The good folks at the Deep Roots Mountain Revival opened their doors (gates) to the FestQuest crew and let us create this miniature episode in order to give you an idea of what a full episode looks like, complete with sections on genre, lodging, food & beverage, ticket prices and a special segment called Tune Out, where we find something of interest within a short drive of the festival grounds, in case you need a break or want to see something new.

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Contact Info

Production/distribution inquiries can be sent to FestQuestInfo@gmail.com.